Welcome to The Alpaca....

We are back!! Please have a look on our website to book a table. 

Sunday Roasts

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Alpaca Your Dinners

Marinated Skewers

Ready to cook on the Barbie, pop in the oven or cook in a pan (our favourite).

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Our signature Curries using ingredients sourced locally from suppliers such as Steve Hatt Fishmongers and James Elliott Butchers

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Indulge in a homeade desert. Not for sharing!!!

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Whether you're sat in the park enjoying the sunshine or chilling in front of the T.V for an evening we have a selection of nibbles for everyone to enjoy.

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Alpaca Drinks

Draught Beer

Hankering for some draught beer? We are now selling Draught in 2 pint containers so you can now bring bring a part of the pub back home.

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Beer & Cider

Our carefully created range of craft beers fom local breweries and beyond.

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Wine & Fizz

New and Old World Wines from across the world carefully selected by our suppliers including Alliance and Caves de Pyrenes.

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Missing a cheeky cocktail on a Saturday? We have a selection of cocktails made fresh on collection for you to take away.

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Batched Cocktails

Batched daily, these classics are ready to take home and pour over ice.

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Take a premium bottle of spirit to create your own cocktails at home.

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A big thank you from The Alpaca

We would like to thank you for all the support you have shown during these strange times. Please feel free to get in touch with any questions you may have, and we look forward to welcoming you back into The Alpaca soon. Peace, love and bananas x